30oz Original Logo Tumbler

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30oz Original Logo Tumbler

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30oz Original Logo Tumbler


Introducing the 30oz Ringneck Tumbler - your ultimate hydration companion for life on the go! Expertly designed to maintain your beverages' temperature, this stylish tumbler ensures you'll always have the perfect sip, no matter where the adventure takes you!

State-of-the-art insulation:
Cutting-edge vacuum-sealed lid technology provides exceptional temperature retention, keeping cold drinks chilled for up to 24 hours and hot drinks steaming for up to 12 hours. Say goodbye to lukewarm beverages and hello to perfectly maintained refreshments!

Condensation-free and temperature retaining:

The double-wall construction of this tumbler not only eliminates condensation, ensuring a comfortable grip, but also retains your drink's temperature for longer periods. Enjoy every sip at the ideal temperature without worrying about messy drips or wet surfaces.

Rugged durability:

Constructed with high-quality stainless steel and coated with a resilient powder finish, the 30oz Ringneck Tumbler is built to withstand the rigors of daily use. It's designed to resist damage and keep your tumbler looking great, even after countless adventures.

Thoughtfully designed for ease of use:

The narrow mouth opening provides a smooth, spill-free drinking experience, while the slim bottom is compatible with most standard cup holders. Savor your beverage without worrying about spills, and take it with you on the road, in the office, or during outdoor excursions.

Easy care and maintenance:

To maintain the optimal performance and appearance of your Ringneck Tumbler, please hand wash only. Avoid placing it in the dishwasher to ensure the longevity of your tumbler's finish and insulation properties.


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